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Rudi Roijakkers
Rudi Roijakkers
Rudi Roijakkers
senior adviseur ABT bv

I've chosen to work for ABT because here I can enjoy making Structural Designs (with a capital D). I love the craft and workmanship of designing a good structure. To do this work for our clients I collaborate with architects, engineers, contractors and other specialists. And off course with our team of dedicated colleagues. In the last years I've done works from all of our offices: Antwerp, Delft, Velp and Haren.

One of the examples of the projects I've been responsible for is the MAS museum in Antwerp. This building has been nominated for the Dutch Concrete Award in 2011 and it has won the Belgian Steel Award in 2012.

Since 2013 I have specialised in seismic designs for existing and new buildings. With abtWassenaar and BORG we cover a broad area of Seismic Advice. We make assessments of the seismic resistance of existing buildings. Not only for the structures, but also for architectural items and for internal finishes. With this we can advise our clients about the best strategic choices for their building stock. And we can design and engineer strengthening solutions for the buildings, should that be required.
We also design new seismic resilient building structures. Both for schools, offices, theatres, etc.

As seismic engineering in the Groningen situation is a new and complex matter, we at abtWassenaar find it very important to share our knowledge with our clients, architects, contractors and colleague engineering firms. For this I collaborate in the TC13 committee for seismic resistant engineering. We also have participated in many seminars, symposia and presentations.

I've lectured for the "Betonvereniging" about structural calculations according to the Eurocode and I'm the chairman of the Belgian BIM committee for the ORI (organisation for Engineers).
Since 2010 I've been admitted in the "Constructeurs Register" as a Registered Designer (RO).

Since July of 2017 I've been appointed as technical director for ABT.

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