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Ab van den Bos
Ab van den Bos
Ab van den Bos
Directeur NLyse Consultants

NLyseConsultants.com (civil)engineering driven, innovative design solutions and retrofit options.
- Structural engineering: Design and analysisssesment of new and existing structures such as warehouses, buildings, and bridges, and other structures under static and dynamic loading conditions.
- Geotechnical engineering: Design and analysis of earthworks and foundations.
- Maximize efficiency, minimizeoptimising cost or risk: our team of experts utilizes the latest nonlinear finite element software to deliver accuratefir for purpose solutions, nonlinear analyses that minimize the need for physical testing, saving you time and money.
- Specialised in nonlinear materials: Reinforced concrete, early-age concrete, SFRC, FRP, UHPC, 3DCP, masonry, advanced soil models, soil-structure interaction, and many others.

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