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Michiel Plokker
Michiel Plokker
Michiel Plokker
Senior Civil Structural Engineer Worley Nederland

More than 10 years of civil & structural engineering experience gained in basic- and detailed engineering of small to large-scale reimbursable, maintenance and lump sum projects;

Depth expertise in civil, structural and geotechnical designs and calculations including engineering sketches for complex structures and foundations;

Analytical communication skills combined with a practical approach to ensure ability and to be effective and efficient by translating concepts into detailed structural designs to great satisfaction of the client and/or involved authority;

Specialized in two technical subjects:

- Dynamic analysis and/or calculations of heavy machine foundations;
- Restraint deflections due to temperature variations and/or drying shrinkage of concrete.

(Ultra-)Hogesterktebeton, Aardbevingen, Bestaande bouw, Betontechnologie, Betonuitvoering, Bouwproces, Constructieve veiligheid, Detaillering, Funderingen, Infra, Mechanica, Uitvoering, Wapening

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